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Eye Care

Eyes are the vital sense organs that perceive visual signals in our body. Nowadays, our eyes are getting overexerted due to the overuse of desktops and cellphones as our work, as well as the entertainments, are very much adherent to them. Hence one should ascertain some time for caring the eyes, the tomb of emotions.

These are some measures to care the eyes;

  1. Maintain the least distance of 50cm between the mobile screens and the eyes.

  2. Keep the room well-illuminated that is comfortable for the eyes while watching television, monitors and cellphones.

  3. Practice eye exercises

    • Palming : Keep both palms for 30 sec over the eyes softly after rubbing together properly.

    • Blinking: Blink or close the eyes tightly for 10 secs for at least 20 times per day.

    • Distant and near focusing: Look at the tip of your thumb which is brought near the eyes and then look at something that is very much far from you for 10 secs, then again look at the tip of your thumb. Do this repeatedly for 10 secs.

    • Eyeball movements: Move the eyeball in all directions, clockwise and anti-clockwise. Repeat this for 10times daily.

  4. Massage oil on head and bath in normal water daily.

  5. Wash the eyes with water boiled with Thriphala choorna which is brought to normal temperature.

  6. Take plenty of fruits.

Let’s practice these and keep our eyes healthy, though they are a small part of our body that remain in the same size from birth to death, but are really important for our life.

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