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Relaxing Massage


Rejuvenation means making young again. The term used in Ayurveda texts for the rejuvenation treatment is Rasayanachikitsa or Rasayana therapy. Rasayana is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda. As per an ayurvedic definition, Rasayana means, that which destroys the old age and disease through the conservation, transformation, and revitalization of energy. It brings youthfulness and longevity to the body and mind.


Enhance the relaxation of muscles

Increases the blood circulation in the body

Help in maintaining general body health


  • Abhyangam: Full body massage with medicated oil proceeded by a medicated steam bath.

  • Njavarakizhi: Pouch of medicated rice puffed all over the body which will help in relaxation of body muscles

  • Podikizhi: Pouch of medicated powder puffed all over the body

  • Dhaara: Continuous flow of medicated oil/decoction all over the body or on the forehead.

  • Nasyam: cleansing of sinuses

  • Kabalam: cleansing of the oral cavity

  • Karnapooranam: cleansing of ears

  • Nethrakshaalanam: cleansing of eyes.



  • All treatments are done as per the advice of the doctor

  • Kindly note the treatments are subjected to change as per the advise of the doctor according to patient body condition.

  • Oral and internal medication are advised during direct doctor consultation.

  • Guests availing of specific treatments are advised to bring relevant medical documents of their medical history.

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