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Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease characterized by dry skin and raised, rough, red areas on the skin covered with fine silvery scales. Erythematous, well-defined dry scaly papules and plaques range from a pinhead to palm-sized. As per Ayurveda, it is termed as Kitibha. As per the conventional system of medicine, the exact causes of psoriasis are not known. Genetic factors play important role in its etiology (7-36%). The immune response is responsible for psoriasis. Local and systemic trauma, seasons (worsens in winter), emotional stress, upper respiratory tract infections, drugs like beta-blockers, lithium, chloroquine, withdrawal of systemic steroids trigger the disease. In modern medicine, there is no known permanent cure for psoriasis. Even though, in Ayurveda also, a permanent cure may or may not be achieved. It depends on many factors. But comparatively more symptomatic relief and increased relapsing time can be achieved through 2-3 weeks of ayurvedic treatments. The internal medicines have to be continued for a long period under a strict food diet. Non-relapsing cases through Ayurveda are also observed. Ayurveda focuses on internal purification and symptomatic relief.


  • Poochu: Medicated paste is applied over the effected parts of body.

  • Pizhichil: medicated oil poured over the effected areas systematically

  • Snehapaanam: Medicated ghee is intaken in specific quantities each day.

  • Thakaradhara: Medicated buttermilk poured over the body in a systematic manner

  • Tailadhara: Medicated oil poured all over the body systematically.

  • Virechanam: Medicated decoction given inside to enhance the bowling system.



Symptoms like rashes and dry skin get subsided

Purifies body internally

Clears the skin and make it smooth and oily

Relief to associated joint pains

Increases the relapsing time duration

Purifies the blood

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