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Low Backache

Major population irrespective of age groups are bearing the burden of back pain issues and being the silent witnesses of its complications. But fear not, because there is still a ray of hope in the ever-trusted treatment principles of Ayurveda which guides you back to your normal vibrant life-giving your spine the essential curative and rejuvenating therapies to bring back the confidence in you. Low backache is a very common disease seen in today's life. It has various etiologies like a fall, accident, degenerative, altered gait, nerve compression, inflammation, disc bulge, etc. The pain may radiate to both legs and may lead to sciatica. Its treatments include procedures like kativasti, pizhichil, elakizhi, upanaham, lepanam, etc along with oral medications and have to be admitted to the hospital for at least 2 weeks that may vary depending on the disease condition.



  • Kativasti: Medicated warm oil is retained in the lower back area after making a rim with black gram dough around the spine for a particular time.

  • Pizhichil: Medicated warm oil is poured over the body systematically.

  • Elakizhi: Pouch of medicated leaves puffed all over the body.

  • Podikizhi: Pouch of medicated powder puffed all over the body.

  • Upanaham: Warm medicinal thick paste is tied over the effected area

  • Lepanam: Medicinal paste is applied over the effected area



Relieves back pain and related complications

No side effects

Retains normal posture and gait

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