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Karkkidaka Treatments

Karkidaka chikitsa is a traditional ayurvedic treatment performed during Karkidakam, the last month of the Malayalam year that falls from July to August. Karkidaka chikitsa package is done to prevent diseases that are caused by vitiateddoshas (vata, pitta, kapha). Through the treatment procedures it mobilises toxins in the bodyand eliminates them through the channels of cleansing. Along with alleviating current illness itcan also help to boost immunity and rejuvenate health. Strict dietary routine is recommended during this period to restore health and immunity.


1. Abhyanga

Oil massage treatment is one of the most popular massage treatments in Ayurveda, it helps to boost immunity and overall health of the body and mind.So therefore Abhyanga is performed during the karkidaka season to strengthen bodily tissues, bones and joints.

2. Swedana

Swedana is usually done after an oil massage. It induces sweat into the person and thus helps perspiration of the body and eliminates toxins through the pores, it reduces muscle stiffness and heaviness of the body.

3. Nasyam

Nasyam is a nasal cleansing treatment that involves administration of medications through the nasal cavity to eliminate excess toxins accumulated in the throat, nose and head. It strengthens the sense organs and prevents premature greying.

4. Kizhi

It is a type of massage using small poultices that contains herbs, herbal powders, etc. Based on the type of material used,there are different forms of kizhi treatments like elakizhi, Jambeerapindaswedam, njavarakizhi, mottakizhi, etc. It is helpful in relieving pain, stiffness and numbness.

5. Shirodhara

Shirodhara is a unique ayurveda therapy that reduces mental and emotional stress and facilitates relaxation. Various types of herbal oils or infusions are used in this therapy which helps to soothe the nervous system.

6. Vasti

Vasthi is a specific therapeutic procedure in which vitiated doshas are expelled by administering medicated oils or liquids through the lower pathways. It improves strength and digestive power.

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