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Diseases – A result of Mental Stress

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

In Ayurveda, the Acharyas have classified all diseases into two – shaareerika rogas and maanasika rogas. But nowadays, a close relationship between the diseases of body and mind are noted. Most of the patients suffering from severe consequences of diseases like migraine, back pain, etc, do not have any serious issues in their scan reports, but they experience unbearable pain. If they are studied thoroughly, we can find that their mental health is in such low condition, full of guilt or anxiety, or insecurity. These patients might have seen many doctors and undertaken several kinds of treatments, but may feel relief for an initial period, thereafter the ailment remains the same. To these patients, treatments have to be done at the mental level, not to the body. This is possible through various sessions of counseling and with the support of family and friends. Any religious beliefs to which they are habituated will do a great relief in their life. This is the reason why so many people get cured of many diseases after attending religious retreats.

Mind is the most complicated thing in one’s body. It is much difficult to understand it and it’s harder to heal it. Its instability is shown to the outer world as different physical diseases. So one should try to keep the mind stable from childhood itself. For this, one should keep all emotions, whether it is anger, anxiety, depression, anything it is, in a neutral way and should have some friends or someone to whom all emotions could be omitted without any regret. Nowadays, such a trustworthy mentality is missing due to the busy and easy lifestyles. And so, more people are now suffering from mental instability, to which they are unknown and misunderstood as physical illness.

One should always accept that no one in the world is perfect. All are having some kind of imperfections. As I am imperfect, I cannot expect perfection from others. This is the fact to be fed in mind. One should be ready to accept the mistakes of self and also others. This will remove all the guilt, anxiety, whatever it is, from the mind. Share all your feelings and be trustworthy to someone whom you will not blame for their imperfections. Then you can find a healthy and happy world around you.

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