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Women's Health 

Ayurveda Care for

Care through Ayurveda

While both men and women contract various conditions, some health issues affect women differently and more commonly. Depression and anxiety exhibit more frequently among female patients. Thyroid problems, Urinary tract conditions and Arthritic issues (knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, etc) are also present more often in females. Women suffer from the most pathetic condition of Menopausal Syndrome, PCOS, PCOD, hot flesh, sleepless nights, etc.

Ayurveda focuses on the health condition of a human being as a whole involving mental and physical states. Ayurveda treatments focus on the patient, not on the disease. Hence, multiple health issues can be relieved simultaneously by an effective ayurvedic treatment course. 

Stomach Pain

Ayurveda has a special sector for sthreeroga which focuses on women's health and related issues. A variety of treatments including special kizhi, dhara, utharavasti(done only for ladies), etc. are done to improve women's health.

After all, women are the essence of society. If the health of women is spoiled, the balance of the home, as well as society, gets altered. Hence, women's health is a major topic that needs great attention and discussion.

Herbal Treatment

Treatments in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, the body and health condition of each one is analyzed and treatment programme will be decided accordingly.

The Ayurvedic treatment programme will be a mix of external treatments which focus on Ayurvedic treatments using herbs over the external body and internal medicines which will be advised by the doctor during the Direct consultation.

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